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uv cure siliconeUV Cure Silicone and UV Dual Cure Silicone

RTV 800 Series products represent a break-through in UV / Dual Cure Silicone Technology. With cure speeds of less than five seconds, processing speeds exceed previously unobtainable levels. This unique chemistry allows paste products to cure up to 5/8″ thick with minimal energy requirements. Physical properties can be varied including the viscosity of encapsulants from a few hundred centipoises for spraying to several thousand for thick coating applications. Dual cure products offer assurance that shadow areas will fully cure. No sub-ambient storage is required.

Introducing the 3-5 second silicone cure

Novagard’s new 800-505 UV/moisture cure silicone coating dries tack-free in seconds; complete cure requires no oven or racking time. Our new UV/dual cure coating allows components to move to the next step of assembly in 3-5 seconds allowing manufacturers to skip the oven cure and eliminate racking…cutting valuable time off processing without compromising quality.

  • Standard UV tracer for quality control
  • Low viscosity, easily applied using standard PCB spray coating equipment
  • Excellent adhesion to a variety of plastic and metal substrates, including FR-4, copper, aluminum and PET
  • 100% silicone and solvent-free

We are pleased to provide custom formulations to meet your specific needs. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Silicone Properties with UV Speed

  • Adhesion to most common substrates including plastics and metals
  • Excellent thermal stability and weather resistance
  • Dielectric properties expected from a silicone
  • Service Temperature of -65ºF to 500ºF ( -54ºC to 260ºC)
  • Custom formulations are available on request

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Encapsulant and Potting

Protecting sensitive electronic components is increasingly important as the applications continue to expand into ever increasingly harsh environments. Silicone based compounds provide excellent insulation properties, vibration dampening and barrier protection against weather and severe environmental conditions. NOVAGARD® Silicones UV cured encapsulating compounds maintain all of the enhanced performance characteristics of conventional silicone based materials with processing speeds unmatched by other technologies. Based on patented, ultraviolet-energy cure chemistry exclusively available from NOVAGARD® Silicones, the 800 Series products possess a speed and depth of cure far exceeding most other UV cure systems. This unique chemistry allows deep sections to cure almost instantly. If desired, a moisture curable component provides for shadow curing in those areas unexposed to the ultraviolet light source.


UV Cure Silicone Coatings

NOVAGARD® Silicones UV cured coatings maintain all of the enhanced performance characteristics of conventional silicone based materials with processing speeds unmatched by other technologies.

Product List

  • 800-182 Screen Printing / Gasketing
  • 800-230 Semi Self-leveling Encapsulant / Potting / Staking
  • 800-235 Sealant
  • 800-240 Fabric Coating
  • 800-245 Staking / Sealant
  • 800-255 Encapsulant
  • 800-260 Conformal Coating
  • 800-270 Potting / Coating
  • 800-400 Gasketing / Staking
  • 800-610 Gel / 800-620 Gel